Started as a Business, Marketing & IT consulting firm, we are helping businesses accelerate to achieve their maximum and build valuable relationships across global networks.

Our innovative technology and quality services simplifies complexities and gives freedom to facilitate and implement a successful business process.

“Our services include a strategic plan focused on improving #Business position & increase the #BRAND transparency across global relationship networks.”

Company Millage

Atomantz’ mission is to help grow businesses worldwide through bespoke, efficient and innovative consulting experience.

Core Values
  • Continuous Learning
  • Focus on Quality
  • Integrity & Ethics
  • Leadership
  • Prudence & Excellence

At Atomantz, we understand that the whole idea is not about the choice between using and not using technology. The challenge is to use IT right.


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Why Atomantz!

> One word, Bespoke.

> Carefully Crafted Services.

> Excellence is a Habit with us.

> Focused on Increasing your Yield.

> A Culture of Passionate Teamwork.

> We Like to keep things easy as ABC.

> We Listen to You. We Understand You.

> We Maintain Superior Customer Values.